Re-Homing this cute pet. Includes cage, food, accessories, and guinea pig.
All 6 of our Peruvian females are ready for adoption! Various colors and sizes. A couple of them are also Satins. These pretty girls came from a place where they weren't handled much, and so can be a bit skittish. Their longhair needs to be kept t...
2 male guinea pigs "rocky" and "butternut" just over a year old. Sweet boys. Rocky is bigger and more adventurous. Butternut is more shy and cuddly. Have done well kids and like to be handled once picked up. Come with cage, hiding spot, food bowl, hay holder, water bottle, vitamin drops, new bag of food. College student needs to rehire them due to housing restricions. Asking small rehoming fee ...
Guinea pig, cage, food, and accessories
Sassy, classy Sunshine is a bunny of wit and mischief. She's young, healthy and very active, so she needs room to run and play, like a tantalizing, carpeted hallway or a pile of cardboard boxes where she can play demolition driver. She may accept a b...
Do you like to laugh? Do you enjoy witnessing spectacular acrobatics? Are you aware of your important personal belongings at all times? This mighty, sturdy duo is known for their crazy antics; they have been described as "binking like lunatics". Their foster parents have warned us to not give them any car keys...you never know where they'll get off to! These are some big, energetic bunnies who ...
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