Handmade New Nickel Free Fish Hooks Silver plated flower beads Lava Rock beads - drip essential oils onto them for aromatherapy purposes *Quarter is for size reference PPU in Fairwood Meet in Covington
Pineapples that have battery powered candles on inside. Both work, requires batteries
12 x 12 New, easy to pop out stencil sheets 9 available: Tepee/tent Bird Acorn RV/camping Canoe Raccoon Owl Fox Hiking $0.50 each or $3 for all 9
I bought these for a project that we can t complete. If you re up for modifying the A into a V you can make YOU ARE LOVED .
If you re a big fan of Jean Harlow or MAD MEN this is perfect for you . It s still wrapped in its plastic and is in perfect condition.
Great decoration pieces. Repaint to fit your decor! 1 bigger 2 smaller same size. Price for all 3. Will split